The Sex Position Everyone is Scared Of

What is the one sex position that you have always wanted to suggest to your partner, but have been too afraid to mention it? I’ll bet it is anal sex. This sex position/technique is scary and not talked about often, but I’m about to shed some light on this frightening position, so that you can suggest it to your partner with confidence.


Lubricant is one of the keys to having good anal sex. Your rectum does not make its own lubricant like the vagina or penis does, so you must be lubed up before penetration. All local grocery stores carry them, and adult stores carry special lubes that numb your anus, while going through the transition.


Relaxation is the other key to amazing anal sex. The receiver must be relaxed; this is of the utmost importance because you cannot expect to have good anal sex with your rectum clamped shut.


You must experiment with yourself first to make sure (1) it feels good, and (2) you can learn your boundaries. Knowing what you can take and what you can’t is imperative before you let your partner penetrate you. Once you have worked up to this step, and then have your partner experiment with you, going very slow and gentle. If you start off rough, then you can tear the rectum wall, and no one wants that.


Preparing your anus right before penetration is critical to not hurting you. Taking a bath, going to the bathroom, applying the lube, and massaging your anus are all good ways to prepare yourself. The most important thing to remember is communication and having a safety word (word used to let your partner know that they are hurting you) is what will be the success to your anal sex experience.

This frightening sex position is pleasurable and scary at the same time, but after reading this article it will only be pleasurable and no longer scary. Enjoy!

PS. I’ve always thought I was one those rare women who can only reach orgasms from masturbation alone. It’s very frustrating not being able to climax with the man I love. I was doing some research online when I chance upon this weird looking website, talking about some ancient Chinese sex techniques.

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